Jesse Merandy
Jesse MerandyExplorer, Imagineer


Who Am I?

I am the director of the Digital Media Lab at Bard Graduate Center. I recieved my Ph.D from the CUNY Graduate Center studying mobile technology, Walt Whitman and composition & rhetoric. I am interested in digital humanities projects and love dreaming and building. Outside of my academic work, I am a musician, a yogi, and lover of nature and games. Let’s get out there and see what we can do with this beautiful life!

Welcome to my intellectual hub! I am a maker, and explorer and a searcher for meaning in the world; being in academia allows me to  be curious, to create, and, hopefully, make a difference. Here I will share progress on the projects I am working on, thoughts and much more.

Why Whitman? My interest in Whitman began, ironically, where his life ended in Camden New Jersey. I started working on the journal Mickle Street Review, a Whitman scholarly journal, during my Masters studies at Camden and helped to bring the journal online and then wrote my thesis on my work with the journal. Whitman continued to walk with me during my PhD studies and where I found his life and work to be perfectly suited for exploration in new media projects. One of the first pieces of scholarship I produced in my Ph.D. studies was the Crossing Brooklyn Ferry Online Critical Edition. This project continued to grow and evolve and finally led to the idea for my dissertation: Walking With Whitman: An Mobile Walking Tour.

You are a musician? Yes, I grew up steeped in the sounds of blues, bluegrass, soul, and rock & roll. As far back as I remember I have walked through life with song and now I you can catch me singing to the sky with my mountain grass band. If you want to find out more, visit The Breakneck Boys!