Walking with Whitman V.1

The original idea for the Walking with Whitman Tour came as a way to expand the Crossing Brooklyn Ferry Online Critical Edition. It represented a way to utilize technology to take you away from the desk (back when you were pretty much tethered to a desk). It was the dawn of personal mobile computing devices and although the concept for the Walking Tour was much larger in scope, limitations in that early phase of mobile technologies kept the project from fully realizing its potential. This also was the first time that I started to look at my scholarly work much like the life work of Whitman, a constantly evolving reflection of my interests and efforts... The completion of the Walking Tour project completed the ITP (Interactive Technology and Pedagogy Certificate Program).


Crossing Brooklyn Ferry Online Critical Edition

The Crossing Brooklyn Ferry Online Critical Edition emerged out of a Graduate Studies course taught by Talia Schaffer at the Graduate Center where we analyzed different theoretical approaches to literary texts. I was interested in how each of these approaches gave me a new perspective, yet how with each analysis I somehow felt further from reaching any conclusive concept of the work's meaning. For my final project I decided to take Walt Whitman's "Crossing Brooklyn Ferry" and build  a critical edition which offered multiple entry points to the text. The site user would have the opportunity to choose multiple approaches to the poem or just one particular reading.  With the multiple versions offered throughout the 6 printed editions of Leaves of Grass (not including the Death Bed Edition), Whitman's poem lended itself perfectly to the project by complicating the process of textual analysis.


Mickle Street Review

The Mickle Street Review is an online Whitman and American Studies Journal from Rutgers Camden. From 2004-2008, I was the WebMaster/Designer as well as the Managing Editor, and then Associate Editor, for the publication. Below Issue 16: Walt Whitman and Traubel (2004) Button Text Button Text Issue 17/18: Walt Whitman and Place (2005) Button Text Issue 19/20: Sights and Sounds (2008)


Whitman and the Civil War

This project was presented at the Whitman and Melville in Washington and required a great deal of personal reflection back to my start working on the Mickle Street Review.  The presentation features many images which I culled together at the Library of Congress digital reading room for a conference edition of the journal: Whitman and Place. Over the many years since the project I have revisited the images and spent a great deal of time using them as a way to travel back to Whitman's historic period. These particular images focus on the Civil War and profoundly affected me. The images of brutality, destruction and death.. I had never looked death in the face so intimately. The silence of the pictures was haunting in a way that evoked that loss. This project recounts these lessons and many of the other ways I came to learn more about Whitman's life and my own journey as a result. I do not offer the speaking notes for this presentation, but the images speak for themselves and have been grouped with Whitman texts which I drew connections to throughout my years with them.