The original concept for the Walking with Whitman Tour was to expand the Crossing Brooklyn Ferry Online Critical Edition, adding a new pathway to exploring Whitman’s work that took users away from the screen and out onto the streets of Brooklyn Heights. Taking inspiration from the downloadable walking tours and podcasts which were popular at the time, this project offered a printable map, guide book, and a set of recordings of Whitman’s poetry that users loaded onto their mp3 players. At various locations with connections to Whitman, the user would learn about the his history in the neighborhood and listen to the recordings, experiencing his work on the very streets from which it emerged. This project offered an early glimpse into the potential for place-based learning and the use of mobile devices as learning tools. The thinking and design behind the project became the foundation for the Vanishing Leaves mobile game.

The completion of this project fulfilled the Independent Study requirement for the ITP (Interactive Technology and Pedagogy) Certificate Program at the CUNY Graduate Center.  As part of that fulfilling that requirement, a final white paper was submitted summarizing the work and inspiration behind the project.

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